Motivational Seminars

Consider hiring Devon Harris to lead a breakout session or a longer, more intensive half-day or full-day seminar following his Keynote address. Typically running 3-4 hours for half-day’s and 6-8 hours for a full-day experience, these seminars create the opportunity for more in-depth conversations and greater impact of his motivational message. They also help individuals, organizations and corporations achieve their highest potential.

Drawing upon a lifetime of experience, Devon demonstrates a strong command of his subject matter but more than his expertise; what makes Devon so impactful is his amazing ability to connect with diverse audiences and engage even the largest groups on a personal level. Engaging, relaxed and humorous, Devon puts everyone at ease. Attendees walk out of Devon’s seminars energized, inspired and armed with immediately applicable tools to make the changes necessary to reach their highest ideals

By booking Devon for an additional presentation, you not only get much more value out of having him at your event, you’ll save on the substantial cost of bringing in another speaker.